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As we have all heard many stories of some brilliant founders who starts their company in a small space like home garage or basement, and ends up owning a multinational company and goes on to conquer the world.


In the early stages of your start-up, you can start working in a basement or a garage. However, as your business improves you also need to change. You cannot always work from home as there can always be some or the other kind of distractions like kids, family, dog and TV. People often to avoid this problem of working at home move to a co-working space. Co-working spaces have now become very popular all over the country. Co-working spaces are made to be exciting places to work that can improve your productivity and generate revenue. According to Global Working Survey 2017, there has been an increase of 5,000 co-working spaces from 5,800 to 11,300 since 2014, this might reach up to 13,800 in 2017.


As a start-up, you need easy access to resources fast and at affordable price. Apart from this, you need a lot of encouragement from other people as the business gets going it becomes more and more complex. Nowadays we can find lots of working spaces available for startups. They not only create ideal places to get work done, but they are also considered as center for innovation. DAFTAR INDIA have great WIFI, networking, events, HD projectors and happy clients.


DAFTAR INDIA takes pride in being the best space which is situated in Noida and Gurugram. It is spread out for over 25000 square meters. There are around 200 co-working spaces available, beautiful indoor and outdoor shared workspace, private meeting rooms, access to a supportive community of like-minded entrepreneurs, events, workshops, affordable professional services, business support and more adds to the beauty of One Roof. It is mainly constructed for creative and independent minds. What defines DAFTAR INDIA is what happens inside these spaces, there is a lot of understanding between the members, they are creative, and start exploring things and evolve as a community. It is a place for ideas, training, and social and creative transformation. It is open to freelancers, self-employed workers, and firms.


Working at a fresh ambience of DAFTAR INDIA, boosts your energy level and makes you much more focused towards your work. Beauty of DAFTAR INDIA is a number of start-ups sitting and working under a single roof, hence sharing their knowledge to each other.


Keeping in mind the affordability of entrepreneurs and understanding their needs, DAFTAR INDIA offers them best and lowest tariffs compare to market. Becoming a DAFTAR INDIA community helps you access all the facilities like insanely free wifi, meeting room, conference room, game zone, tea/coffee, printing/photocopying/scanning, networking etc.

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