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Why girls are more stable in present corporate jobs?

Why girls are more stable in present corporate jobs?

Yes, you read it right.

Girls are more




Creative on their job roles.

They stick to their job role for their longer period of time and maintain the relationships with their professional one.

They are mature, passionate and independent.


Just how much are people job hopping?

New LinkedIn data says workers who graduated between 2006 and 2010 have about 2.85 jobs each in the five years after college. Based on data pulled from 3 million U.S. member profiles, LinkedIn found:

  • The rate of job hopping in the five years after college has nearly doubled over the last 20 years.
  • Job hopping is most common in the media and entertainment, professional services, and government/education/nonprofit industries and least common in the oil and energy, manufacturing, and aero/auto/transport industries.
  • Women job hop more than men, and the gap is widening.

Whether you blame job hopping on startup culture or the end of job security, young people who job hop isn’t a new thing. But LinkedIn’s data interestingly shows that women have steadily job hopped at a higher rate than men since 1986. In the five years following graduation for those who completed college between 2006 and 2010, women held three jobs compared to men’s 2.71 jobs. For those who graduated between 1986 and 1990, women held 1.64 jobs in the five years after college, compared to men’s 1.57 jobs.

Here’s a summary of the new employee of today’s workplace:

  • Most will change jobs every two years.
  • Most will start their adult life by moving back in with their parents.
  • Most say that money is not their number one concern in evaluating a job.

You think it’s a recipe for instability, right?

But what else is there to do?

Work at IBM until you get a gold watch?

There are no more jobs like that – companies are under too much pressure to be lean and flexible (read: layoffs, downsizing, reorgs), so workers have to be, too (read: constantly on the alert for new job possibilities).

In fact, stability is a big goal for new workers today, precisely because the old paths to stability don’t necessarily work.

DAFTAR INDIA  provides safe and secure working area so that they focused to there job role and be stick to there part.

Do what you love and we are the people who believes in it and make it happen by providing awesome infrastructures and every facilities who is required for the development.

Love what you do and we are the persons who believe in it.

Especially married women’s are quite higher rate in this stability role because they can’t move again and again, they have to support their family and children. They have to maintain the relationship between personal and professional life both.

Key values today are time and relationships. Stability means knowing you can get yourself work that is fun and accommodates those values. The stable people are those who can manage to consistently get work they enjoy that pays their bills.

DAFTAR INDIA keeping in mind that people come first to satisfy and maintain the stability part.

  • Build up a strong skill set quickly. Go to a job to work on a great project, and leave when your learning curve flattens out. The faster you build up your skills to create an expertise the faster you will be able to set yourself apart from everyone else.
  • You don’t have to believe in patriarchy to realise that the law was made by men and is dominated by men, and that the same goes for the parliament. Which means that in all the making of the law, women are largely absent. It is not surprising that the law doesn’t work for women.
  • We are the people who will change and keep aware that in this patriarchal society do have the rights of women’s who can live independently and manage the TOP management.

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